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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review,  Amazing Comeback!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review, Amazing Comeback!

Published by Morel Bey on Oct 20th 2017

Looks as if Samsung has done its homework for the note 8 device, compared to the previous 7th edition. It's said ironing out all the dysfunctions by doing safety repeated testing also reducing the Note 8's battery size to avoid repeating last year's costly battery mistake for the Note 7.

It features a dual camera, 2 time optical lens setup for relevant creative portraits effects. Longer battery life means your time well spent without frequent interruptions! Its water resistance protection leaves you worry free! from accidental water contact that may occur any moment.

Slimmer and taller than previous Note versions making it easier to hold and navigate in palm of hand, while capturing the customer experience with an amazing infinity 6.3in oled curved edges display screen just to name a few. 

 Pricing from $875.00 to $1100 approximately. A powerful device recommended to gadget junkies! or someone interested in the hottest latest tech mobile device.

Sold at your major carries stores, online and offline etc.

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